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Code Of Ethics

The Miami Valley Labrador Club, Inc., has adopted the following Code of Ethics as a guide for members whose highest aim is the welfare and improvement of the breed. When engaged in any activity involving Labrador Retrievers, members agree to follow this Code of Ethics and to refrain from activity that would be detrimental to the breed or the Miami Valley Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. It shall be the duty of each member to actively strive to improve and advance the Labrador Retriever as a breed by acknowledging the standards as published by the American Kennel Club.

  • It shall be the duty of each member to actively strive to improve and advance the Labrador Retriever breed by acknowledging the standards as published by the American kennel Club, Inc.

  • Breeding stock should be selected and evaluated for all hereditary defects through the use of currently recognized and available tests and registries. Breeding should promote the outstanding characteristics of the ideal Labrador Retriever. Breeders are encouraged to x-ray all potential breeding stock for hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, have eyes checked annually by an ophthalmic specialist, and test for cardiovascular and neurological disorders if it is suspected that problems exist in the line. Breeders are obligated to disclose mating involving all other inheritable defects including, but not limited to, monorchid, cryptorchid and to use only animals with sound temperaments.

  • Breeders are obligated to withhold registration of unworthy representatives of the breed. It is recommended that deformed and/or crippled puppies should be humanely destroyed. The use of limited registration for all dogs that will not be shown or bred is strongly recommended.

  • Each member of this club shall keep accurate and complete records of his dogs including, but not limited to, matings, health records, pedigrees and competitive achievements. Members who knowingly falsify or misrepresent any documentation will be expelled from this club and their actions reported to the American Kennel Club, Inc.

  • Breeders are obligated to keep puppies in their care until they have reached the age of seven weeks and to provide written instructions regarding the care of the dog, health needs, dates and types of shots administered and still required, and status of worming program. Purchaser shall be instructed to immediately place the dog under veterinarian care and encouraged to use a heartworm preventative.

  • Because the club deplores the commercialization of Labradors, members shall not sell or donate dogs or puppies to dealers or pet shops, puppy mills, or for auction or raffle. However, the donation of puppies to be trained by non-profit, service-oriented organizations is strongly encouraged.

  • Members should be available to their puppy buyers for information and consultation and should inform their buyers of their willingness to be involved in the placement of the puppy if a situation arises that the original buyer cannot keep the puppy.

The members of the Miami Valley Labrador Retriever Club, Inc., are encouraged to participate in and support multi-purpose activities for the breed, always promoting improvement of type, quality and ability. They will exhibit good sportsmanship at all dog-related activities, acting as role models for novices. They will make themselves available to assist novices and the general public with information concerning the Labrador Retriever. Only humane methods will be used when showing or training dogs and under no circumstances will mistreatment or brutality be tolerated.

Code of Ethics revised 9/13/99

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